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More than 165 million people in Europe live below the poverty line. In 18 countries of central and eastern Europe and the newly independent states, 8 have 50% or higher of their population living below the poverty line. Some 2% of the population of the European Region lives in absolute poverty.

The fall of Communism ended a political and economic system in which all people had been virtually guaranteed jobs and basic needs, such as food and housing. Economic upheaval has led to family breakup and a dramatic increase in the number of orphaned children and many orphans live in extreme poverty and suffer from malnutrition, disease, and starvation.

Unicef says nearly 18 million children in this region are living on less than $2.15 a day! (Acknowledgement to for details).

Directhelp is not a charity. It is an attempt to raise money directly and quickly to shortcut the bureaucracy and waste.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Is charity wrong?

I have just read a good article which discusses whether it is better to give to charity or give informal small gifts. It sets out some ideas. I agree that often it is better to give directly not though large organizations which remove the link between giver and receiver, thus breaking the element of care. The article gives the story of boy throwing starfish back into the sea one by one. When he is laughed at because it will not change the outcome overall - he says 'at least I made a difference to that one!' I think that sums it up! Here is the link, please read:

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